RAPTOR ENCLosures - THe Journey



Our journey begins after our first MAWC Raptor Enclosure Fundraiser in December 2017.

After the initial convalescent period a bird needs to be placed in an enclosure to allow it to gain strength by taking small, short flights. Just as you wouldn’t start running after an injury before you could walk with confidence and safety, the same is true for our winged ones. Short flights to strategically placed perches within the specially designed enclosure helps empower the bird to gradually make their way back to the beautiful day they will be released. Why do we call it an enclosure and not a cage? Cage correlates to confinement as one would be in a barred cell. At MAWC, defining it as an enclosure conveys safe haven. Enclose the winged ones in security and comfort and watch over them in a conscientious compassionate manner.

Please help us continue the journey as we need more funds to complete our first enclosure. We will create with your heartfelt donations enclosures that will meet all the bird’s needs. How can we do anything less for these visionary messengers of beauty and wisdom.

100% of donations goes directly into building our raptor and owl enclosures. 
Thank you for caring about wildlife and for showing your support with your donations!

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Raptor enclosure journey


Enclosure Layout


Cement Pour




Raptor Barn