Our Living with Wildlife class series at Cochise College aims to help guide the community in compassionate coexistence with all the wild ones. Current class offerings are A Bird’s Eye ViewCreate a Backyard Bird Sanctuary, Compassionate Coexistence with Wildlife, Create a Wildlife Garden in the Madrean Archipelago Ecoregion, and Edible Holiday Aviary Tree Trimmings.

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A Birds's Eye View:  Success in attracting birds can be measured by our ability to consistently and conscientiously provide them with what they need! In this two part course Kate digs in, sharing insights on elements for attracting birds; food, water, cover, shelter and areas set aside to raise and nurture young. Detailed information will be offered on types of feeders (seed and other food types), feeding by season, birdbaths, and other natural elements to attract our beautiful wild birds. Note: This class can be taken as an individual class or as a two-part series with Backyard Bird Sanctuary on the same day. 

Create a Backyard Bird Sanctuary:  Kate continues the creative journey of building your bird sanctuary, delving into the many aspects of nest-boxes and other bird domiciles, with photographs from the 20 year old Birdland Ranch Wildlife Conservation Area nest-box trail. Design, placement, monitoring, safeguarding and trouble shooting guidelines will be outlined so you will be better prepared to welcome your new neighbors! Participants will take home a nest-box with instructions for proper placement and monitoring. Note: This class can be taken as an individual class or as a two-part series with A Birds Eye View on the same day. 

Compassionate Coexistence with Wildlife: “Compassionate coexistence” means, “it’s not all about us.” Animals have a right to live in and around us. We, the dominant species, have a responsibility to tread on Mother Earth as lightly and respectfully as we realistically can. The talk includes advice on making simple practical choices for avoiding ill-fated interactions between our companion animals and common wildlife. Guidelines offer resources from noted animal experts, wildlife biologists, books and websites.  

Create a Wildlife Garden in the Madrean Archipelago Ecoregion:  Join Cheri Melton and Kate Scott as they guide you to selecting trees, food plants, herbs, and wildflowers that grow well in this biodiverse hotspot of the Madrean Archipelago ecoregion. Kate will share insights on the unique beauty of this special ecoregion we call home. Cheri will highlight landscape basics and facilitate a journey to the heart of your garden. 

Edible Holiday Aviary Tree Trimmings:  Deck the trees with boughs of grapevines! Christmas time is right around the corner and Kate wants you to be ready to offer your bird neighbors some homemade yummies assembled from your garden and grocery store. She will bring the ingredients for you to make and take home an edible wreath and supper of suet for the treetop!