Our Mission

Our mission is to build pathways of compassionate coexistence between people and wildlife in the Madrean Archipelago ecoregion through actions of wildlife rehabilitation, education, conservation, scientific, investigative, philanthropic, and charitable pursuits.

Madrean Archipelago Wildlife Center (MAWC) is a non-profit 501(c) (3) Corporation organized solely for charitable purposes pursuant to the Arizona Nonprofit Corporation Act.

Our Team


Kate Scott
Executive Director, President

Kate is a certified veterinary technician, wildlife preservationist, and environmental educator working from her heart and spirit to guide the community to live in right relationship with their wild neighbors.
Living lightly on Mother Earth at Birdland Ranch Wildlife Conservation Area in the Huachuca Mountains with husband Tony Heath and four-leggeds, Tom, Frida, and Billie.  Photo by Tony Heath


Jenn Sherwood

Jenn is a highly skilled veterinary technician at New Frontier Animal Medical Center. Her passion for animals and wildlife goes beyond her day job and she enjoys working with wildlife conservation around Arizona.


Cynthia Naujelis

Cynthia is a free spirit with a diverse range of experience and education. She enjoys creating art, gardening & wildlife. Among her most beloved moments is time spent with family and doing “earth-faerie work” with her grandchildren. She endeavors to live in balanced unity with Mother Earth and all of her creatures.  


Julie Cushman
Board Member

Julie has worked in the veterinary field for nine years. She has a BA in Business with a minor in Healthcare Administration. She is a proud parent of two beautiful daughters and the grandmother to an adorable baby girl! Julie is devoted to preservation of our precious planet and living in harmony with all the creatures that call it home.

Su Hodges.jpg

Su Hodges
Board Advisor
Su has a M.A. Communications Science and taught organizational development, program evaluation and grant writing for many years. She worked as a consultant for Band of Lake Superior Ojibwa, County of Bayfield Wisconsin and Chicago Department of Health. Upon retirement, Su became a Licensed Volunteer Humane Officer 2010-2018 in Wisconsin, and a rescue driver for Wild Instincts Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Rhinelander Wisconsin, and a Volunteer Grantwriter and animal care at the Tucson Wildlife Center in Tucson Arizona.


Tony Heath

Tony is an artist, conservationist, wildlife advocate, and former professional jazz musician from New York City. Tony is the man "behind the scenes" responsible for designing and documenting our journey at Birdland Ranch in construction, photographs and videos.
Except for this rare photo taken by Kate of Tony, where he finds a great deal of happiness...on his tractor!  


Graphic Designs
Our deep gratitude to Rick Whipple, Graphic Designer, and his students Seoyoung Lee, Susan Bronson, Veronica Toves, and Dan Fortune for the graphic design donations.