Bird Talk

Looking back at the videos created for our Facebook page, all but two are of birds singing. Birdsong captivates me. Helps me a lot when trying to spot them in dense tree canopy. There’s more to it though. You see, I eaves-drop on birds.

Lesser-Goldfinches carry on quite the conversations. Chittering and chattering away for up to a half an hour or more different times of the day. Hearing all their varied little voices brings me joy. I imagine it may start something like… “Hey Ernie, that was a close one with the Cooper’s Hawk”! ”Or Beatrice, your feathers are looking a bit drab sweetie!”

Another very close knit talkative group are Cedar Waxwings. In the Fall with a plentiful supply of pyracantha berries, Cedar Waxwings appear and gorge! Afterwards perching within inches of one another will whistle on one or two notes, creating a buzz of song. Almost as if chanting, hmmm, good berries, hmmm good berries, hmmm good berries!

Azure Bluebirds chime in too with soft, sweet whistles, one or two note calls, strident clicking alarm chirps to ward off intruders to berries or territory. The alarm calls sounding much like hitting one or two keys on an old typewriter. You can see there is a lot going on in tree branches above you.

Hands down, Ravens are by far the biggest chatterboxes. Soaring and diving above us cackling chortling, gurgling, squawking, a veritable cacophony of vocal prowess. Listening to Ravens can be an epiphany.

My bird family brings me happiness, joy, love, balance and strength. Their contentedness becomes mine. Just being themselves, doing what they have to do. It helps me get on with what I have to do. Being present, thankful, and grateful for all the blessings and gifts in my life.

Start listening in on you bird neighbors! It may change your life.