Compassion is Key

Compassion is a language.

Embody it.

I must admit it is a journey not for the faint of heart.

I came across a quote by Susan Marsh, a writer for the Mountain Journal, “Understanding what we really mean to say requires us to slow down, be more deliberate, seek to communicate and connect. To witness what is before our eyes, before we open our mouths.” Seek to communicate and connect…that can be a tall order depending on who are you talking to and the subject.

My dearest friend shared with me this beautiful insight ”…A new energy grid is taking shape, as the old one falls away. We can all make changes to the systems that sadden and shock us. The answers are within our collective consciousness. We need to avoid becoming entangled in old energy, that does not serve our higher selves. This takes work, believe me, as it is easy to slip into the old ways. Stand back, stand tall, put on your leader hat and join others that are creating the new grid.

We got this…:)