Love is Birdsong

I’m always interested in what guests first say upon exiting their cars when visiting our ranch. A few notables, “Who picks up your trash way out here?” or “Your road is rougher than the back roads of Belize!” Having been to Belize, there is real truth in that comment. Most of the time we are greeted with statements about the beauty, the quiet and the birds. Our family is the Bird Tribe. I say that unabashedly and with a poker face.
They are my people. 

When they sing and chatter amongst themselves, I understand in my heart what they are saying. I think they know this. A Ruby-crowned Kinglet landed on my shoulder one day as I walked to our garden shed. We exchanged glances and within an instant I felt such a sweet energy. My feathered friend was sharing his joy. When birds collectively sing, the air is filled with that energy. This morning upon opening my dutch door, the birdsong was inspiring. The oak trees were alive with Lesser Goldfinches, Pine Siskins, House Finches, and Dark-eyed Juncos offering their praise to a new day. 

My wish for you on this day and everyday is to discover the beauty and love that surrounds us in birds and birdsong. Listen for them as you go into the grocery store, park your car at the library or pick up your kids from school. They are always sharing Love.