Three Acorn Woodpeckers

Acorn Woodpeckers are birds that one can not ignore. With colors of red, white and black they stand out immediately with their clown-like faces. Add that to personalities that one could say are tinged with a wee bit of attitude, you’ve got a bird that is a constant source of entertainment. 

Acorn Woodpeckers reside in oak woodland forests nesting in tree cavities or nest boxes in the Spring. They live in family groups that cooperatively store food and watch out for each other. We have a trio of them presently very busy taking seeds from our seed feeder and storing them in a home we hung up for bees. The bees never chose it, but the Acorn Woodpeckers have been stuffing nuts, seeds or suet into the holes since October. The Acorns drill out small holes in any penetrable product to wedge acorns and other food creating a larder to feed the family. For this reason their are electrical lineman who bemoan what they can do to a utility pole in a few seasons even after wrapping the poles with a mesh-like fabric. The woodpeckers take time in doing this so precisely to keep robber barons at bay. The White-breasted Nuthatch is particularly adept at dislodging the food prize. Once noticed, however a raucous, squawking and carrying-on will ensue to such a fevered pitch that it brings me racing out of the house. Methinks there must be an incredible predator about to descend upon us. Nope another Acorn Woodpecker family expressing exuberant outrage. Christmas and Acorn Woodpecker music is in the air! Here’s to sweet surprises and simple joys.


Families that forage together stick together