Four Northern Flickers

Found in riparian woodlands and saguaro deserts, Flickers vie for Best-in-Show on a pyracantha bush. The beautiful orange-red underwing flashes as they deftly land to eat a brilliant red berry. Their size, color and sounds are a real head turner making an entrance wherever they grace the landscape.

We have a gang of four feeding on the berries and suet. For me their silhouette is the one I like most to see at the last light of a beautiful day. Perched elegantly atop our pecan tree gazing westward taking in the last rays of sunlight. One of the gang will land nearby and offer a sound that one can only be described as a squeaky toy our dogs would love to be munching on! A few head bobs and a couple of tail flicks between the group and then silently they all lift off and fly to a night roost spot. Day is done, gone the sun with the wingbeat of a Red-shafted Flicker. Peace and beauty for all!


Love those pyracantha berries!